At NUAS Technology AS, we work to make the most of the valuable resource fish. In many cases, the residual raw material becomes a cost instead of an income for those of you who work with maritime food production. We want to change this.

With our patented hydrolysis technology, we have managed to extract valuable resources from the residual raw material. Through a gentle and environmentally friendly process, we extract protein, oil and bones. By hydrolyzing fresh residual raw material, we will produce products that may have a higher value than products from residual raw material have today.

This means that we get a better utilization of foods that have already been harvested. When it is done in an environmentally friendly way, we also get a significant environmental benefit. The hydrolysis plant is built to meet the requirements for the products to be used in food production.

Enkelt snitt teknologien
Simple section of heating in two steps and hydrolysis column. This is NUAS Technology's patented hydrolysis process.
A compact and modular process plant makes it possible to mount a complete plant in containers.

Research and development

For Nuas Technology, it has always been important to attract good expertise. We have therefore established cooperation with several R&D suppliers. We want to challenge existing solutions and established truths. We want to do this by leading and participating in research and development projects together with R&D environments and other innovative players in the industry.

Research and development

Capture, storage and hydrolysis of Raudåte
SFI Harvest

R&D Partner
Algen AS and NTNU
Sintef and NUAS

Completed projects

Development of in-line, semi-continuous hydrolysis column
Assessment of the market in light of technology and design
Hydrolysis of herring and residual raw material from herring
Hydrolysis of residual raw material from saithe and cod
Construction of full-scale pilot plant
Master’s thesis on hydrolysis of residual raw material

R&D Partner
Innovation Norway

Why use the technology?

By-products become a resource

For many, residual raw materials are a problem and a cost. It must be stored properly, and tried and transported to a silage reception. With NUAS Technology's technology, the residual raw material becomes a valuable resource that can increase the profits of the producers.

Sustainable production

NUAS Technology's technology allows you to use the whole fish. The process is gentle and environmentally friendly. This provides a significant environmental benefit, and you get much better utilization of the fantastic raw material that has already been harvested.

Flexible technology

The technology is scalable and can be adapted to the size of your company. Both small and large companies can have a good effect by using the technology. We have various forms of collaboration that you can read about under "Who is the technology suitable for".

Who can make use of our technology?

It is suitable for businesses of all sizes:


Nuas Technology can offer different collaboration models. Everything from providing space for the process plant and we take care of the operation and sale of products, to you buying a complete plant for your own operation. A Joint Venture for the operation of the plant can also be discussed. This can also be organized by several companies delivering fresh residual raw material to a local plant.

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