NUAS Technology AS is a company that work to extract the most out of harvested resources such as fish. Fish is a very valuable resource. We discovered that in many cases, the by-product is a cost rather than an income for those who work with maritime food production.

With our patented technology, we have managed to make the by-product more valuable for the industry. Through a gentle and environmentally friendly process, we extract protein, oil and bone. 

First, we get better utilization of resources that have already been harvested. And when done in an environmentally friendly manner, we get a clear environmental gain. The quality of the processing plant is in foodgrade / dairy condition.

Enkelt snitt teknologien
Simple section of heating in two steps and hydrolysis, this is NUAS Technology's patented method.

Completed projects

We have already completed two projects in cooperation with Sintef and Innovasjon Norge.

“Development of in-line, semi-continuous hydrolysis column”


A chamber test has been conducted that is designed for use in an in-line semi-continuous hydrolysis column. Visual inspection and assessment of stirring and flow conditions have been carried out, and samples for analysis have been taken. The raw material is cut off and struck from salmon, and the test was carried out in collaboration with a central player for the production of fish oil and fish protein concentrate. In connection with this test, samples have been taken to analyze the degree of hydrolysis and fat quality. Two (2) parallel trials were conducted. A number of analyzes and assessments have been conducted to assess performance and quality. The result shows that a better degree of hydrolysis, less emulsion and less fat content is obtained in the dried product of fish protein hydrolyzate. Further trials and tests should be carried out to ensure the results.

Read the entire project report by clicking the PDF file below (in Norwegian):

“Evaluation of market in light of technology and design for NUAS Technology AS”


Hydrolysis of marine raw materials is a highly relevant process to maximize the yield of oil and the production of a low fat protein fraction. In this project a conceptual assessment of design and technology has been carried out for a newly constructed semi-continuous hydrolysis column for handling marine residues in the seafood industry. Special emphasis has been placed on three factors: simple analysis, market overview and simple calculation of heat exchanger. In addition, some general assessments of design and technology solutions have been made for further work on design and development.

Read the entire project report by clicking the PDF file below (in Norwegian):

Why use the technology?

By-products become a resource

For many companies by-products from fish processing is a cost. It must be stored properly and attempted sold to third parties. With NUAS Technology residual products become a valuable resource that can increase their profits.

Sustainable production

NUAS Technology allows you to use the entire fish. The process is gentle and environmentally friendly. This gives a significant environmental benefit, and you get much better utilization of the amazing resource that have already been harvested.

Flexible technology

The technology can be tailored to the size of your business. Both small and large companies can benefit from using the technology. We have different forms of collaboration that you can read about under "Who can make use of our technology?".

Who can make use of our technology?

It is suitable for businesses of all sizes:


For smaller businesses, we can enter as a financial partner. You only need to provide space for our technology. We take care of the extraction process and selling the products we extract. It is also possible for mulitple companies to merge and deliver by-products to a common processing plant located between the cooperating companies.

For medium sized companies, we offer patented technology and co-operation on end product and financing.

For large companies we can offer technology, joint venture or financing.

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