Our Products

End products after hydrolysed residual raw material are mainly three things: Oil, protein and bone.

All three can be redistributed to high-quality ingredients for both feed, diet, food and medicine. Because we have the opportunity to hydrolyze different fish species and control the process, we also have the opportunity to produce products with a desired quality. With the use of fresh raw material and gentle stirring without mechanical parts, we reduce oxidation in the process and get products with a higher quality. We are an interdisciplinary group and also have the opportunity to contribute with advice, especially in logistics and purchasing.

Our Products


From the hydrolysis process we extract a protein-rich sizing water. Through concentration we will get a protein concentrate that can also be dried to powder.


Together with protein, oil is the most important product from the hydrolysis process. By using fresh raw material and little oxidation, we achieve good quality.


Using our own developed bone separator, we can offer clean bones that can be further refined into nutrient-rich products.

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