About us

NUAS Technology AS is a competence company that works to give smaller and larger companies in food production better margins through our patented hydrolysis technology.

To be clear on what we offer, we have chosen www.brukfisken.no as the domain and product name. The product name Brukfisken also reflects that even though the technology is advanced, the explanation and use of it does not have to be.

Today, we work specifically with the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Norway. Our technology can also be utilized in other types of food production such as chicken and meat.

The technology is patented globally. This means that in the long run we will offer this technology to companies all over the world.

NUAS Technology AS summarized in one sentence:

“NUAS Technology AS will develop a hydrolysis process that converts residual raw materials and biomass into high-quality oil, bone and protein.”


Presentation of the founders of NUAS Technology AS:

Johan Wemundstad
Founder and owner. Has a background in the mechanical industry, has in recent years been involved in real estate development. As working chairman of the board, Johan is responsible for the commercial part of Nuas Technology, with, among other things, purchasing, finance, sales and the market.

Conny Karlsson
Founder and owner. Runs an industrial plumbing company / mechanical workshop with the main emphasis on assignments aimed at the maritime sector, especially the fishing industry. Conny is responsible for the technical part of Nuas Technology. As general manager of LC Produktion, Conny is also our most important supplier, both in the development of technology and assembly of the process plant.

Frode Blålid
Experience from the transport industry and the oil & gas industry. With a foothold in Vikingbase and a foothold in Nuas Technology, Frode takes care of the administrative work in Nuas Technology. Frode follows up on the conditions we have with the research communities, the policy instruments and regulatory authorities.

Ingvar Garåsen
Mechanical engineer who has worked for several years with engineering services within internal combustion engines, with test runs, measurements and calculations both in the field and laboratory, as well as system design, construction follow-up, commissioning of machine systems in ships and process plants for food production.

Ingar Ersøybakk
Ingar has extensive experience in design and modeling. In addition, he is a skilled CNC operator. Located at our supplier LC Produktion, Ingar has a central role in the process from drawing board to installed technology.

Hallgeir Sterten
Graduated from NMBU in 1983, took a Ph.D. Animal nutrition at the same university – and has a total of more than 40 years of experience in research and product development on animal feed and feed ingredients. For 30 of these years, he was employed by Felleskjøpet Fôrtvikling AS with responsibility for R&D on feed raw materials and feed composition for pigs, dogs and cats. He is currently employed as Senior Vice President R&D at Rimfrost AS.

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